Sean Golriz is widely known when introduced on stage or in the media as the number 1 success coach. Sean is one the top platform speakers and has been deemed the country’s number 1 Success Coach as seen in media. Sean brings the most outstanding and exciting seminars and speaking events available today!

All his programs are designed to carry everyone up the ladder of personal and professional life. He shows us remarkable realities about our minds and our potential.

Build a Dream Team

It is essential to ensure your people reach their full potential. Sean Golriz is  a dynamic anti-consultant consultant who doesn’t believe in traditional training. However, Sean becomes really excited about helping, coaching and transforming people.

Training doesn’t have to be an excruciating experience with PowerPoints. Sean Golriz strives to bring a high level of energy and value to your team, regardless of tenure, skill level and role.

Sean Golriz has been helping organizations move from a reactionary management style to proactive management style that drives long-term organizational goals. The outcome of this move will result in increased customer satisfaction, increased performance, higher employee satisfaction, and increased career progression.

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Sean Golriz #1 Success Coac